Risographic Testblatt          
Poster & Mural Design

Directed by Rebecca Morganti & Daniela Mirabella
Zhdk, Zurich, Switzerland, 2017

In collaboration with Julia Herzog, we were given the task of creating a tiled mural and series of testsheets for the new risograph printer at the Zhdk campus in Zurich.

Our theme revolved around the idea of testing analog film and communicating the process behind it. Throughout the week we produced over 200 test sheets, experimenting with the capabilities of the printer while creating a visually stimulating series of posters.

In the end, we created 160 masters, printing one colour at a time, totaling 4 colours. We then took a selected section of a poster and translated it onto 3 x 13 page mural. The  A3 posters were then tiled on the wall to create the mural of a selected piece.