Dear Flo & Jamie, 

Thank you very much for your inquiry and interest into possibly collaborating in the near future. Below is a little window into some of my completed and in-progress projects. The intent is that it gives you a bit more insight into my style and flexibility as graphic designer. If there is anything you would like to see or talk about in person, I love to chat. Don’t hesitate to reach out for an phone call, zoom meeting or safley distanced coffee.


My name is Jordyn Taylor-Robins and I am a Vancouver-based freelance communication designer, obsessed with nice people with smart ideas.  Holistic creative thinking and synthesizing ideas into tangible design solutions is my sweet-spot. Multi-medium social engagement projects means that I am focussed on considering all outputs and outcomes and have a watchful eye over design consistency and emerging possibilities. My interest in public interventions and social activations utilizes my design thinking and art direction skills in its fullest potential. Being a small studio myself, my love of design really is a love for people with smart and thoughtful ideas, aimed to make the world a more interesting, playful, inclusive, diverse and all around better place. I am always keen learn and take on new techniques and skills across all design mediums and work like a dog to give each client project the attention innovation it deserves.

I am, for the most part, a one woman show. However I have an arsenal of creatives in my back pocket, whom I love to work with. Collaboration is my favourite aspect of my business. It’s the soul of this operation. Not just collaboration with others, but collaborations with my clients. True collaboration means a blending of expertise, a blending of backgrounds and a blending of creative ideas. This is design at it’s core. Without collaboration, in my opinion, I would be creating art. This being said, if there is something creative you would like to tackle that is not on my list of services, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. These are actually the concepts that make me the most excited to do what I do for people such as you. 

︎︎︎Set Design
︎︎︎Web Design 
︎︎︎Graphic Design
︎︎︎Publication Design
︎︎︎Creative Direction

︎Communication Designer for Cause + Affect (2019-Present)
︎Freelance Communication Designer (2018–Present)
︎Jr. Designer at Educe Design & Innovation (2017)
︎BDES Emily Carr University of Art & Design
+ Zürcher Hochschule der Künste | ZHdK in Zurich (2014–2018)