My name is Jordyn Taylor-Robins and I am a Vancouver-based freelance communication designer, obsessed with nice people with smart ideas.  Holistic creative thinking and synthesizing ideas into tangible design solutions is my sweet-spot. Multi-medium social engagement projects means that I am focussed on considering all outputs and outcomes and have a watchful eye over design consistency and emerging possibilities. My interest in public interventions and social activations utilizes my design thinking and art direction skills in its fullest potential. Being a small studio myself, my love of design really is a love for people with smart and thoughtful ideas, aimed to make the world a more interesting, playful, inclusive, diverse and all around better place. I am always keen learn and take on new techniques and skills across all design mediums and work like a dog to give each client project the attention innovation it deserves.

︎︎︎Set Design
︎︎︎Web Design 
︎︎︎Graphic Design
︎︎︎Publication Design
︎︎︎Creative Direction

︎Communication Designer for Cause + Affect (2019-Present)
︎Freelance Communication Designer (2018–Present)
︎Jr. Designer at Educe Design & Innovation (2017)
︎BDES Emily Carr University of Art & Design
+ Zürcher Hochschule der Künste | ZHdK in Zurich (2014–2018)

Jordyn Taylor-Robins

Brand Designer at Cause + Affect